Charlestown, SC by younglovemedia

Hey all! We’ll be in Charleston, South Carolina July 31 - August 2. We’d absolutely LOVE to book some sessions while where there and are offering $100 off for all portrait sessions: couples, families, maternity, breastfeeding, whatever! we are down! To book, reach out to us on IG or email us at younglovemedia [at] gmail [dot] com. Let’s set something up!

by younglovemedia

We had such a lovely time capturing Shannon, Andie and Jack.  Jack was just two weeks old, but so alert for a little guy.  I love how there is such a mix of "eyes wide open, i'm here" photos and then those classic sleepy "butt in the air" ones as well.  Shannon and Andie's love for each other and their little guy was evident- no, it filled the room.  And it was our honor to witness it and capture it for them.  

Christmas Mini-Sessions: The Jones' Twins by younglovemedia

This was our second time photographing these twins.  John and Nora are always a joy to capture- between Nora's beautiful and deep eyes and John's joyful smiles it's basically a photographer's dream.  Sure, they like to move but what toddler doesn't?  It's our pleasure to capture them in as natural way as possible and we love their energy!  

The Blum-Gabriel Family by younglovemedia

In October we met up with the this lovely family for a photo session.  Jessica told me that they schedule a photo shoot each year and we were so glad to be able to capture these memories for them.  (side note:  it was also their anniversary and they brought a few things from their wedding ceremony to be in the shoot.  We loved that idea and as you can see, it worked out so well!)  Thanks guys for being so easy and fun to shoot!  

Melanie's Maternity Session by younglovemedia

I had a magical maternity shoot with Melanie at the end of October.  We went to the woods and were inspired by what we saw there; picking autumn flower bouquets and wearing green leaf crowns.  It was such a pleasure for me because I was able to truly be creative, while also capturing HER pregnancy.  Photography is form of storytelling and all I want is tell a story that they can treasure.  I believe we did that here and I'm so happy with how these photos turned out! 

Natasha, Eliza and Phoebe by younglovemedia

We are finally updating the blog with some recent photo sessions.  I'm not sure there is a better way to start than with these three sisters: Natasha, Eliza and Phoebe.  They have an incredible dynamic and it made for such an easygoing and fun session.   It didn't feel like "work" at all and we had such a wonderful time cracking jokes, exploring the area and taking photos.  In fact, these are some of my favorite photos!  

The Travis Family by younglovemedia

The Travis Family was such a pleasure to shoot.  Avery had contacted us to photograph her family, her mom, brother and girlfriend in CT and not only did we have a beautiful time meeting all of them, but Jimmy and I had such a relaxing trip.  The area was gorgeous and it took everything in us to not stop every few miles and take photos.  Or just explore!  We will definitely take a trip back to the area.  



After the shoot was over, they invited us to stay for dinner.  A delicious meal, which included meat cooked in their new smoker!  Yes, the food was amazing, but the company was the best.  Reason #101 why our job is absolutely wonderful and not like a "job" at all.